How Exactly Do You Be A Good Student?

Today I’m here with a very important blog post about something I feel strongly about. This whole, “good student” thing.  I know some of my viewers are students, along with myself. I know that school, on any level, isn’t the easiest thing. There seem to always be two questions circulating around schools nowadays.

“What makes a good student?” “Am I a good student?”

I’m sure that at some point in your life, you’ve  heard a person stress over being a good student, whether it was being that they were worried about taking a test, or getting a graded one back, you probably know how it feels like to stress over it as well. That brings the point of today’s article: What exactly makes a good student? Now there are two perspectives to this question, a teacher’s perspective and then a student’s.

From a teacher’s perspective, you might find that in the label, a “good student” should be attentive, responsible, and get good scores on tests. A student’s idea, however, might be different. If I were to ask myself, what makes a good student, I’d say that a good student is a combination of turning your work in, studying, getting good scores on test, but also being a kind person, and having a balance between school life and home life. I’m sure these perspectives also change from school to school.

As I mentioned earlier, it is really easy to get caught up and stress over school work and test. You can go from being fine one second, but as soon as a teacher mentions test results, everyone becomes tense. Your heart starts to race, your palms get sweaty. It’s crazy how worked up students can get, which brings me to my other point, that it’s okay to mess up. Yes, education is a very important and valuable aspect in life, but I believe that maybe you shouldn’t stress to the point of going crazy on being a good or perfect student. It’s okay if you mess up on a test.

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