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Why I Prefer Dating Older Women

I am sure we all have our preferences when it comes to our ideal partner. Your Must-haves, red flags, and other deal-breakers. Size and weight both come into play when choosing the perfect mate. I do not know why some men like dating women older than them, however, I prefer my women intelligently mature. It… Continue Reading →

Want to improve? You have got to read

Everyday has to be a time of learning. What are you learning today? In the month of July, more time was placed into discovering technological tools to enable individuals on their own craft. I’ve taken some time to check out some learning tools before i jump into some general learning, and ended off with technical… Continue Reading →

The Struggle of Being Ambitious

This is an older little rant/ personal talk about how I feel about being super ambitious, combined with many other traits. I hope you enjoy, maybe some of you can relate? Let me know in the comments! ​Ambitious –  adjectivehaving or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed. Most people would think being ambitious is… Continue Reading →

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Covid-19 has left us all trapped at home with our offices, colleges and schools temporarily closed. As a result hundreds of thousands of talented people have started a project on the side: blogs, YouTube channels, small games, photography, writing, videography, editing, drawing and the list goes on and on!
But with this massive boom of talent on the internet, many of them find it extremely hard to find an audience and reach out to people. We do just that. Sign up on our website along with many others just like you and make yourself visible to people all over the world.

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